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Public Forest Estate Transition to New Management Organisation

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25 September 2013

One Voice Response to WPEP

1st August 2013

Forestry Commission Launch Online Survey to help inform the development process for the PFE.  Click here for further details.  Closes 25 September 2013

29th July 2013

Forestry Commission Paper: Towards a New PFE Management Body.

This document provides more details on the emerging thoughts for the new management organisation and building on the “Governance Premises Summary” below.

17th July 2013

House of Lords – 17 July 2013 Forestry Independent Panel – Question by Baroness Royall
Important news: PLEASE READ!

3rd July 2013 - National Forestry Forum

Defra launched their “New PFE Management Organisation: Governance Premises Summary”

This document sets out a summary of the initial assumptions and working premises.  It is a work in progress and no elements are irrevocably fixed.  Please take a few minutes to read it (only 4 pages) and let us know your initial thoughts and comments.  We can then feed this back to Defra/FC at our next meeting.

There will be little time to consider these proposals when they reach the pre-legislative scrutiny stage, so it is important that the public (that’s you!) tell us how you envisage the future management of the Public Forest Estate.  When it is set in legislation there will be no turning back.  Email us your thoughts.  More information can be found in our 4 July newsletter.

June 2013

18 June FCN/FC/Defra Meeting Notes

PFE: Mission & Objectives

September 2012

One Voice Response to Report by the Independent Panel on Forestry