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Informing & empowering New Forest residents and visitors

Good news!  Preparations are underway to establish a new, separate Public Forest Estate management body and it is now time for stakeholders and individuals to have a direct input that will help shape the new organisation for the benefit of people, nature and the economy.

The general public have a great opportunity to be proactive on the future of the Public Forest Estate – be part of the conversation now and leave a positive legacy for generations to come!

An online survey has been opened by the Forestry Commission with the following 4 sections:

Public Forest Estate – 10 questions
Forestry Functions in England – 3 questions
Cross-Boarder Functions and Shared Services – 3-part question
General Comments

Access the survey here

Or email directly to: WPEP@forestry.gsi.gov.uk

Please read the following “Towards a new Public Forest Estate management body” before completing the survey as this includes many suggestions for the remit, functions and duties of the new organisation, including matters such as:

A new name;

Your views on the Guardians’ remit, role, numbers and composition;

The ability to charge fees for goods or services rendered, including car parking, entry, licensing etc;

The ability to delegate its functions and to establish subsidiaries or other bodies, including charities, to undertake specific functions in line with the body’s broad purposes;

The ability to enter into joint ventures and partnerships to develop public benefit opportunities.

Closing date: 17:00 hrs 25 September 2013.  Earlier responses are encouraged by FC as these will help inform work in progress.

Access the online survey here