Review of National Park Authorities Governance Arrangements




The message from New Forest residents was loud and clear at the public consultation meeting in Brockenhurst on 30 November 2010.  Not an unreasonable request; considering people living outside of national parks up and down the country have a fundamental right to vote for their local decision-makers.


Not likely, was the message from Peter Frost (Secretary of State Appointed Member) who said that it would cost £30,000, and reiterated the recent advice given to the authority by ENPAA[i][1] that “Members should be cautious about the desirability of direct elections, as they were expensive and onerous to administer”.


The message from One Voice is “use it or lose it”: -


USE the upcoming public consultation meetings

USE the Defra consultation process

USE the Residents’ Online Survey

USE your voice to secure democracy for the future of your children




LOSE the only opportunity for true democracy in your National Park Authority

LOSE the benefits of the upcoming Localism Bill

LOSE forever the right to vote for the best candidates to run the Authority

LOSE the New Forest way of life to an unaccountable bureaucracy


Imagine for a moment what everyday life would be like, if after this review, NPA’s were not held accountable to ‘big society’ by the democratic process of elections?  It is in your hands to make the difference.




[i][1] ENPAA (the English National Park Authorities Association) exists to promote and further the needs of the 10 English National Park Authorities (NPAs).