News Update 30 June 2013

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Landscape Action Plan & Landscape Character Assessment Consultation Documents


There seems to be much confusion about these consultation documents and we have asked the NPA to clarify the importance of each.  It is now clear that the LCAs are the documents which, when adopted by the Authority, can inform future proposals for planning policy.  Click here to read the statement.


If you haven't yet responded to the consultation, we suggest that you respond only to the LCA consultation document for your own area (this is the document which could be used for future planning policy).  We have submitted our own interim response to the LAP and are continuing to make suggested revisions to the LCAs for submission before the end date of 31 July 2013. 

Click here for an abridged version of our interim LAP response.  (Hover on the highlighted text for our comments)




We have been researching into how these consultation documents have evolved.  What we have uncovered is that the process (which began in 2008) has not only been a shocking revelation, it may also have contravened the European Landscape Convention in terms of consulting the public.  It is now time that you - the general public - have sight of the documented evidence and decide for yourself if this has been an open and transparent process.  Please, as always, let us know your views.

Click here for our "Timeline of Events" and further links.



One Voice Stage 2 Complaint


We have submitted a formal complaint to the NPA regarding a public statement they recently issued regarding the draft LAP and stating "It is disappointing that One Voice has again not taken advantage of our longstanding offer to meet with us to discuss any concerns they might have".  We consider this to be totally inaccurate and have placed a copy of our complaint and further correspondence from/to the NPA on our website home page.  Please take a few moments to read them here.



Commoners Dwelling Scheme


At the NPA Authority meeting last week, there were 2 presentments from the Brockishill Residents Association: -


Petition by John de Trafford


Address by Martin Lander



Future of Forestry


Our forestry page has been updated with more news about the future of the Public Forest Estate (PFE) :-

18 June 2013 Meeting Notes and Mission & Objectives



It also includes a link to Natural England & Environment Agency Triennial Review response.  In particular, page 8 confirms:


"The Forest Services functions of the Forestry Commission have also been reviewed alongside, though not as part of, this Review. The Forest Services Review has concluded that Forest Services should not be brought into the EA or NE. The full conclusions of the review of forestry functions will be reported in due course. "



As always, please let us know your views and comments.



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