Update 6 February 2013


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Just a couple of updates:


NPA Direct Elections - updated web page

DEFRA agreed to pilot direct elections in the New Forest and the Peak District National Parks. Unfortunately, this will require primary legislation which may not be achievable in the current Parliamentary term. The Minister, Richard Benyon stated in a letter dated 17 December 2012 that "I will shortly announce our conclusions on this [consultation whereby the majority of organisations and individuals were in favour of introducing direct elections] and on proposals to introduce pilot elections in the New Forest and Peak District National Parks".  Ermmm... we are still waiting.


Lord Greaves speaks in the House of Lords (23/1/13) regarding pilot elections.  More info on our website.


Future of Forestry - updated web page

Government has now responded to the Independent Forestry Panelís Report and Recommendations. There are some issues which need clarification and/or further detail, particularly on short-term funding as well as future funding.  More info on our website.


There is also concern that the Statement does not make clear whether or not the Public Forest Estate (PFE) will remain in public ownership in perpetuity.  [Nothing less than this is unacceptable].


Lord Greaves speaks in the House of Lords (5/2/13) regarding legislation to establish the proposed Public Forest Estate management body with further references to redundancies and cuts in budgets.



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