Update 4 July 2013

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Notice for horse riders: Next Wiggle Cycle Race - 6-7 July 2013


Details of routes/roads to avoid plus links to organisers map have been posted on the NFED message board HERE.  Please note that this event uses a clockwise route, so what were slow climbs in the Wiggle events in April and June will be fast descents this time, and vice versa.



LAP & LCA Consultation - Equestrian Interests


The Equine Forum has recently met with NPA representatives to recommend alterations/changes to these documents. If you have any queries or questions about their revisions please email the Equine Forum direct.


The NFEA, which also represents local horse-keepers within the NPA Equine Forum, will be making a submission to the Authority and would welcome further local input. These can be emailed to NFEA Chairman.


One Voice has not made comments or suggestions on equine matters in our own interim response as we felt other equine groups; particularly the longer established organisations such as NFEA were best placed to do so.


Don't forget to check out what we have uncovered in this 'consultation process' in the Timeline of Events



Community Notice Board


If you belong to a local community group or organisation, and would like to publicise a local event or have an important announcement to make, please email us with details (including your contact details).  This is a new and FREE feature to our website which we hope will be of value to all New Forest residents.



Public Forest Estate - Details of new management organisation


3 July 2013 was a very busy day for One Voice and other forest campaign groups.  Firstly, we had a brief pre-meeting with Minister of State David Heath CBE MP, in his private offices at Defra.  Six FCN representatives and senior officials from FC & Defra attended.  It was good to hear from the Minister that he values our input and ongoing dialogue during the transitional phase of the PFE moving into a different management organisation.  We were able to discuss the importance of keeping the public informed of progress as well as looking at opportunities for public consultation at some stage of the draft legislation process. 


Mr Heath then led us to the main meeting: “National Forestry Forum” where he gave a keynote speech and short Q&A.  Click here for a copy of the Agenda.  Further links will be on our website in the next few days.


After this meeting concluded, the campaign groups moved to another location for further informal discussions with FC/Defra on some other aspects of the development of PFE MO.  We were particularly interested in the role of “Guardians” and would welcome your comments and views on how you think this should work.  A brief description can be found in the "Governance Premises Summery" linked below.


The “Governance Premises Summary” can be accessed here.  This document sets out a summary of the initial assumptions and working premises.  It is a work in progress and no elements are irrevocably fixed.  Please take a few minutes to read it (only 4 pages) and let us know your initial thoughts and comments.  We can then feed this back to Defra/FC at our next meeting.


We continue to have positive dialogue with senior Defra and Forestry Commission officials on the governance arrangements of the new body as well as further opportunities for public consultation at an appropriate time.  Primary legislation will be required to establish the proposed body.  Its establishment will depend on the parliamentary timetable.


There will be little time to consider these proposals when they reach the pre-legislative scrutiny stage, so it is important that the public (that’s you!) tell us how you envisage the future management of the Public Forest Estate.  When it is set in legislation there will be no turning back.  Email us your thoughts.


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