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Environment Agency and Natural England Triennial Review – click here for details


On 12 December 2012, Environment Secretary Owen Paterson announced the start of the Triennial Review of the Environment Agency and Natural England. Preliminary conclusions will be available in spring 2013 but there are concerns that the government may merge the Forestry Commission with either or both of these agencies. 


An open letter calling on Defra not to merge the Forestry Commission has been sent to Owen Paterson by forestry and woodland organisations; lead by Stuart Goodall, Director of the Confederation of Forest Industries and Sue Holden, Chief Executive of the Woodland Trust as well as many other signatories (including FCN).  The letter has also been published in today’s Telegraph – click here to read it (scroll down to “Protecting Woodland”).




Reporting back from a lively NPA Authority Meeting last week - three main issues to share with you as follows:


(1) Cycling Events in the New Forest


Presentation by local resident Anita Gresham-Hales - click here

Presentation by Martin Barden, UK Cycling Events - click here

UK Cycling Events: Wiggle New Forest SpringSportive Website - click here


( Another presentation was given by Anita yesterday at the NFDC Cabinet Meeting - click here )



(2) Commoners Dwelling Scheme


Statement by Ted Widdows, Chairman BRRA - click here

Statement by Martin Lander, BRRA - click here

Press Briefing by Martin Lander - click here

Address by John Beaumont, local resident - click here

Letter in Lymington Times, John de Trafford - click here

Report by Steve Avery, Director of Park Services, New Forest NPA (Paper NFNPA 432/13) - click here


Read all relevant NPA meeting papers here



(3) Appointments to Committees


Report by David Stone, Manager of Business Services, New Forest NPA (Paper NFNPA 425/13) - click here


The report states:


"The legislation relating to the NPA requires it to appoint members to Committees as nearly as possible in proportion to the balance of local authority and Secretary of State appointees to its full membership. All three are members of the Planning Development Control Committee and Peter Frost is also a member of the Authority’s Resources, Audit and Performance Committee – in order to maintain the local authority and Secretary of State balance on these Committees, replacements will all need to be Secretary of State members of the Authority".


When this Agenda item was tabled it was clear that there will be an interim shortfall of 3 Secretary of State Appointed members from 1st April 2013 until such time as the 3 new appointees are on board (and those who wish to take a seat on these committees have been trained).  There was much discussion between members as to who can step in and finally (if not reluctantly) the interim posts were filled.


The Chairman quickly accepted these members but without them being directly elected locally, does the public know if their background and/or special interests will be conducive to the particular committee?  A bit of a worry!



Grown in Britain


A new initiative by Defra recently launched the "Grown in Britain" project - Creating a sustainable future for our forests and woodlands. 


1.   To create a new and stronger market pull for the array of products derived from our woodlands and forests.

2.   To develop private sector funding that supports the planting and management of woodland and forests through funding from corporates as part of their corporate social responsibility

3.   To connect together and harness the positive energy and feelings towards our woodlands and forests that many in our society share to create a strong wood culture. A wood culture that captures personal health and fitness, well-being, community and encourages the use of more wood and forest product.  Click here for their website.



Further information/reading:


Defra publish Chalara Management Plan - click here

Planning Portal News - click here




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