Update 1 March 2013



Ditch Digging in the New Forest


The debate about recent ditch digging in the New Forest continues with more letters in the Lymington Times this week – notably one from Clive Chatters, former NPA Chairman.


So, is the Forestry Commission getting ready to charge for parking in the New Forest?  Some MPs seem to think so.  This week in the House of Commons Daniel Kawczynski (conservative MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham in Shropshire) asks Defra Minister “if his Department will take steps to ensure that the Forestry Commission does not charge people engaging in outdoor activities for parking in areas where parking was previously free” Read more…


Remember who said what when car parking charges were mooted in 2011?  Bournemouth Echo’s article “Forests sell-off could mean parking chaos in New Forest 4 Feb 2011” reminds us. Read more…..


Let us know what you think about possible parking charges.  We can feed this back to FC England and Defra when we next meet at the beginning of April.



Planning in the New Forest


 NPA launch 6-week Public Consultation on Local Enforcement Plan Starts 4 March 2013 – closes 5pm 12 April 2013. More…

Consultation Letter: download here


Draft Local Enforcement Plan: download here


Response Form: download here


Previously, the Government made National Parks the sole planning authorities for their areas, including plan-making, enforcement, development control and minerals and waste planning responsibilities.  More…


This really is an important consultation and one which should reflect the views of local people as much as the views of other local agencies or organisations.  For the time being, National Parks are the only planning authorities in England whose policy-makers are not directly elected by local people so please take time to respond.  Please note that OV will not be submitting a response unless our subscribers ask us to do so.


This week the House of Lords reached the Report Stage of the Growth & Infrastructure Bill and, although it may sound boring it is well worth reading the transcript because Amendment 9 was moved by Lord Judd  who, in a nutshell, put forward the case for National Parks and The Broads to be favoured with exemption. Read the transcript to see who supported and who opposed this amendment.  In the end, Amendment 9 was (thankfully) withdrawn.  It is worth noting that ‘major development’ constitutes 10 houses or more.



Of interest:

27 Feb 2013 National Park Authority seeks ‘exemption’ to planning reforms to safeguard local jobs.  More...



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