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New Forest District Council “Landscape Character Assessment” document published


This document formed the basis for the Landscape Action Plan and Landscape Character Assessments, which we are all asked to comment on currently.



New Forest National Park Authority was established




The European Landscape Convention (ELC)


The UK government signed up to this and it came into force in the UK on 1 March 2007



11 January


First Steering Group Meeting


Click here for Minutes

Minute point 6.1:


“The agreed process was to produce a draft document to go out for consultation to stakeholders.  Sarah [Kelly] also concluded that a Forum would take place to discuss in more detail”


The ‘Forum’ (later termed ‘Landscape Forum’) was never set up



August – Nov


Core Strategy Consultation

RMS Consultation



Document adopted 9 December 2010

Document adopted 9 December 2010



11 September


Second Steering Group Meeting


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Land Use Consultants (LUC) now on board


Minute point 3.3:


“Sarah [Kelly] commented that further discussion with LUC should continue with regard to detail level for urban areas and the built environment.



13 November


Third Steering Group Meeting


Click here for Minutes

Minute point 4.1


“It was confirmed that the Strategy was still on target to be produced by March 2009.  In light of the recent activity surrounding both the Park Plan and the RMS there may be some slight alterations and the public consultation times may change”.


This was directly referring to the public outcry, which the Park Plan and RMS caused.


Minute point 5.6


“Further discussion took place and issues covered included…. Public consultation and process ……”


Minute point 8.2:


“LUC confirmed that they will offer revised version of the spatial strategy in 1-2 weeks for comments and also expect time scales to slip in light of recent activity with the Park Plan and RMS”.


This was directly referring to the public outcry, which the Park Plan and RMS caused.



24 May 2013: It has been confirmed by NFNPA that the paper referred to above is the same paper mentioned in the 14 January 2009 Steering Group Meeting, a copy of which has now been given to One Voice and is available HERE







14 January


Fourth Steering Group Meeting


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Minute point 3.5:


“After further debate it was felt that the strategy needed to focus on the positives only, and should not be dictatorial but a framework to work to.  The strategy could be seen as a reference plan for people to consider in conjunction with other plans and as an opportunity to encourage positive change”.



Minute point 3.6:


“Further to recent experiences of the NFNPA with public consultations, [the public outcry in 2008] it was important to consider how this process would take place.  It was suggested that the consultation document carry all the partner logos to which the group concurred.  Different ways of engaging with the public were presented, including opinion polls, citizen panels and the preferred option of a questionnaire contained within a newsletter, e.g. Parklife.  Lyndis [Lyndis Cole from LUC] suggested further consideration was needed and will write a paper for the next meeting [22 May 2009] to address these issues.”



24 May 2013: Confirmation received from NFNPA that the LUC paper regarding public consultation was not presented at the meeting of 22 May 2009. It does not exist.  The preferred option of a questionnaire was used in 5 road shows, which returned 150 questionnaires (12% from non-residents) translating to 0.15% of the park population.  Click HERE to see the questionnaire.






Minute point 4.2


“For clarification LUC stressed that the paper provided was purely for information and general evidence and was not intended as accurate facts and there was no intention for the paper to be made available to the public.  The Forestry Commission agreed to provide assistance to LUC in writing short summaries of trends on a broad level.”


24 May 2013: A copy of the LUC paper has been given to One Voice and is now on file.  Click HERE to read it.



26 March


Authority Meeting


To note new legal obligation “Duty to Involve”



22 May


Final Steering Group Meeting


Click here for Minutes


Minute point 6.1


“SK [Sarah Kelly] advised the group that the next meeting is likely to take place in August without LUC.  The immediate next stage will be to have a meeting with the Landscape Forum (a larger group of interested parties).”


24 May 2013: NFNPA gave the following response when asked about the Landscape Forum “The idea of creating a landscape forum didn’t come to fruition at that time so there are no minutes.  It was decided that it would be useful instead to join the Biodiversity Action Plan and Landscape Strategy (renamed the Landscape Action Plan and Landscape Character Assessment) in terms of public consultation in the form of the joint Wildlife and Landscape Road Shows”


24 May 2013: One Voice asked for copies of LUC’s final report or papers. NFNPA replied “LUC did not produce a final paper as such, they provided us with a version of the then Landscape Strategy, which we have on our files, with 3 sample Landscape Character Areas.  The rest of the LCA’s came later after LUC had done all the ground truthing of the NFDC LCA (on which our LCA is based).  However the document was ‘work in progress’ as one would expect with a document of this type.  The documents that are currently out to public consultation are the result of refining what LUC provided us with”.



17 July


Informal Steering Group Meeting (excl LUC)


One Voice asked for copies of Minutes/notes from this meeting.  NFNPA replied: “As this was an informal meeting, no Minutes or notes were recorded and the changes made at this meeting are now reflected in the current consultation”



29 October


Authority Meeting


One Voice presentation to the NFNPA meeting regarding “Duty to Involve”.  Click here for a copy.



28 January


Authority Meeting


One Voice presentation regarding RMS public consultation plus list of residents’ comments.  Click here for a copy.



2 February


RMS Roadshow


Following the above call for a public meeting on the RMS consultation we have various notes of telephone conversations between Barrie Foley (Interim CEO, NFNPA) & Sue Baillie (One Voice) discussing the need for such (as with the Park Plan public meeting).  These notes are available on request.











Equine Forum Meeting


Extract from Minutes:


“Sarah Kelly came to the Forum meeting in February 2010 to present the draft Landscape Strategy proposals. The document was planned to include recreational horse keeping and its effect on the landscape, but at that time that section was not yet written and Sarah asked that the Forum would have an input into it in respect of the effects of recreational horse-keeping on the landscape”


The Equine Forum was not consulted at this time and had no input in informing the current consultation documents.  They were only made aware of the public consultation through a One Voice newsletter on 3 May 2013.  The NFNPA have since asked the Equine Forum to submit their revisions to the current consultation documents.



June and July


5 Public Consultation Road shows in various locations on Landscape & Wildlife


150 questionnaires were returned, 12% of respondents lived outside the National Park.  The questions were clearly “leading questions” and no data analysis has been made available to date


Click here for copy of questionnaire.



17 November


LAP & BAP Steering Groups Meet in Lyndhurst


Further details to be requested from NFNPA (termed as consultation)



9 December


Core Strategy and RMS Documents


Adopted by the NFNPA







NFNPA Presentation of LAP/LCA to New Forest Consultative Panel


This was termed as ‘consultation’ by the NFNPA, but the meeting Minutes do not record any discussions, questions or dialogue on the subject.



8 April


Joint LAP/BAP Spring Workshop


Further details to be requested from NFNPA. Invitees were New Forest Consultative Panel and New Forest Estates (termed as consultation)


June and July


NFNPA announcement of 5 Public Consultation Road shows in various locations on Landscape & Wildlife



We have been told by the NFNPA that this was an error when migrating from the old website to the new one, and there was only one series of public consultation road shows which were held in the Summer of 2010.



2 April


NFNPA Public Consultation on LAP & LCA


Response cut-off extended to 31 July 2013



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