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It has been some time since the statement from Caroline Spelman said “The Public Forest Estate should continue to benefit from public ownership” that  you may have forgotten what all the fuss was about in the first place!  We have therefore produced this “Forestry Overview” which we hope will give you a reminder of progress made so far - without having to trawl through reams of reports and responses.

One Voice and the Forest Campaigns Network (FCN) continue to have positive and productive meetings with senior officials at both Defra and the Forestry Commission.  We have also had a recent meeting with the Minister, David Heath and were able to inform him further on the importance of continued dialogue with grass-roots campaigners.  It is unprecedented for groups such as FCN to play a part in the decision-making process at Ministerial level and we hope this can be a model for other government departments in the future.  We attended the first National Forestry Stakeholder Forum on 31 October 2012.  FCN members also attended the recent Defra Summit on Ash Dieback.

Have Your Say

FC/Defra Forestry Working Group - Keeping the Dialogue Going

‘No firm decisions have yet been made on any of the Panel’s recommendations. So please keep your thoughts coming to us’ – click here to interact online with the Working Group.  ‘We’ve never once stopped being committed to engaging our partners and the wider public in developing the Government’s response’.


Forestry Commission and Natural England have launched a joint “Woodland Potential Consultation” and are really keen to gather your views and comments on the web-based response form.  Click here to take part.

Click Here to read ONE VOICE Formal Response to Woodland Potential Consultation


Defra has launched two online surveys in order to get your views on how Government can shape the future of our forests and woodlands. We have all done what we can over time to lobby and campaign for community involvement on matters which affect us all - so let's all participate and be part of the decision-making process in protecting our forests and woodlands for future generations.

First Survey now closed

Click here to go straight to the Second Survey


Click Here to read ONE VOICE Formal Response to the Forestry Report


Further Responses to the Forestry Report from FCN Groups: -

HOOF (Forest of Dean)

Friends of Thetford Forest

Save Sandlings Forest

Lake District

Cannock Chase

Our Forests

Save Kielder

Save Our Woods

Friends of Chopwell Wood

Forest Campaigns Network (FCN) welcomes engagement for the Future of our Forests