Forest Car Parks’ Maintenance


On the 17th October I will be meeting with Nigel Matthews (NP) and Nick Tucker (FC) to discuss this issue, particularly in relation to reducing the creation of potholes, which are currently an annual curse for those accessing the New Forest


Under a Higher Level Stewardship Scheme the Verderers, National Park Authority and Forestry Commission have £16 million to invest in this area over 10 years.  Much of the money will be invested in direct conservation, such as maintaining the commoning system.  However, one stated aim is to achieve ‘Improved access to and education about the area’s unique environment’.


Potholed car parks and their approaches impede access and they scarcely enhance the area’s unique environment.  Neither do they encourage their users to support conservation aims when their own needs for ease of access appear to be treated with contempt. – I will argue that some HLS funding should be invested in creating better surfacing that will be less subject to potholing.


If you would like to give me your support generally, or with added points of argument, please do get in touch.  Email Chris Marshallsay